Kitchen Cabinets Design

New Kitchen Cabinets

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New Kitchen Cabinets So many times we here from our customers the kind of requests for cabinets designs they’ve seen somewhere else. Sometimes they ask for bathroom vanities they saw in a Las Vegas hotel, sometimes they want a special bathroom vanity mirror and sometimes they combine few designs elements they saw in several places […]

Bathrooms Design

Las Vegas Style Bathrooms Design

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  In our years of experience in designing homes, offices and hotels in Las Vegas, we came across requests for bathroom designs in the spirit of our beautiful city. But what does it mean “Las Vegas style cabinets”? And what is so special about bathroom vanities in Las Vegas? Well, let us tell you one […]

Home Design

Design Ideas for My New Las Vegas Home

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Buying a new house is exciting, as you get the chance to remodel and shape your home before you move in, which allows you avoid the stress that sometimes caused by remodeling a house where you live in. The remodeling options are countless and if you’re looking for ideas – you came to the right […]