This time we’d like to take the time to give you some ideas and tips for the interior design at your house, which will also allow you to feel at home. Some ideas are about beauty, some are about the atmosphere and all are about helping you deciding how to design your home. On this article we’ll focus on design styles combinations and ideas and on the following article we’ll talk about colors and effects. Let’s begin.

Rustic Design with Modern Design

A pretty common combination – rustic with modern. The idea is to light up a little the rustic design style with a modern touch to keep the room more practical. For example – combining rustic designed kitchen’s cabinets with a natural stone flooring. The smooth flooring emphasize the beautiful cabinets. You can add more elements from both design styles in order to complete the whole styling – such as, granite counters and island, rustic designed faucets, and a ceiling wooden decoration.

Rustic Design with Classic Design

Being both old school styles, it has a lot of common elements that can complete the entire design style. For example – choosing old-looking classic designed handles for the rustic designed cabinets will allow you to create a beautiful styling in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Classic Design with Rustic Design

As mentioned above, the rustic and classic design styles has a lot in common. They’re both considered “classic” in term of old or ancient, as they’re both been in use for decades. One is more royal and the other is more down to earth but both can be beautifully combined together. For example, a classic designed room can have a beautiful rustic flooring, say hardwood flooring with rough finish.

Classic Design with Modern Design

A lot of homeowners love the classic design style but worried that it will create a very heavy and packed look in their homes. So, you can see in many beautiful houses the combination of the classic design style with the very fundamental element of the modern design, which is practicality. That way, you can enjoy the royal design but still allow yourself to enjoy a very practical home.

Contemporary Design with Classic Design

The contemporary design and the classic design styles are two opposite styles. Therefore, there aren’t a lot of houses where you’ll see the combination of those two. But, if you want your house to be unique, bold and one-of-a-kind in its design – you should consider this unorthodox match. Just imagine a classic design kitchen only in bold contemporary colors! The result can be simply stunning.

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