On the first article we’ve talked about possible design styles combinations and ideas. Assuming you’ve chosen the design style or styles for your house, this time we’ll talk about colors ideas and tips that will allow you to create beautiful effects within your house’s interior design. Here’s additional 5 wonderful interior design ideas and tips.

Dark and Light – Contrast

The play of dark and light colors is a very common trick in interior design. First, it is simply beautiful. And secondly, it allows us to create dynamic relations between the different elements in the room. In most cases, dark and light combination is meant to create a contrast in the interior design. The most common interior design contrast is the one of black and white. But, you can create it with a lot of other options, whether you choose dark and light shades of the same color, or mix different colors, such as black with yellow. The dark and light also allows us to create a prominence.


As mentioned above, prominence can be created by choosing dark and light colors for the interior design. It can also be created by choosing different colors, not necessarily opposite to one another. Creating prominence is pretty easy – the idea is to choose one color for the object you wish to emphasize over the others and a different color for all the rest. If you choose more than two colors, the effect will be softer. For example – white flooring, white furniture and purple carpet. The carpet will stand out strongly. Those combinations can also allow us to create dramatic effect.

Dramatic House

When we want the interior design to stunt us, we need somewhat of a dramatic touch. The thing about dramatic design is that it has both the contrast of some level but with dark colors and shades. For example – a whole black bathroom design with small touches of bold red.

Design an Atmosphere

If we can create dramatic design, rest assure we can create any atmosphere you desire. Atmosphere can be created in different rooms according to its purpose and the wishes of the homeowner. For example – choosing vivid colors in the kids’ room so the atmosphere in it will be youthful and playful and will encourage the imagination of our children. We can create a romantic atmosphere in the master bedroom by creating a dramatic design. We can create a warm cozy and welcoming atmosphere in the living room by choosing rustic design style, painting the walls with warm colors such as orange, and choosing furniture that are mostly comfortable.


Light is also a great interior design tool that allows us to create contrast, prominence, drama and atmosphere in our house. We can choose bright light to emphasize the entire design. We can chose dim light in order to create a romantic atmosphere. We can chose spot lights in order to emphasize one element over the others. And we can also use light in order to create contrast. The beautiful thing about light, is that if we also use the natural light that enter the house and include it in our interior design, we can create a room where you have one atmosphere during daytime and other as the sun goes down. Now, there’s something to think about!

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