What are the most common design styles and how does it reflected in new cabinets designing? Let’s review5 design styles and ideas for your new cabinets, and while we’re at it, try to examine which one rings best for you? Here we go.

Modern Designed Cabinets

The first and currently most common design style for cabinets, and interior design in general, is the modern style. Modern designed cabinets will usually be smooth and of one solid color, such as black, white or gray. Gray is the most common color for modern cabinets, be it light or dark shade.

Classic Designed Cabinets

The second most common design style is the classic design. The classic design style live up to its name, as we can see it all along history in palaces, temples, etc. Its uniqueness is in its beautiful ornaments. Due to its ornaments, the most popular colors for classic designed cabinets remains of white shades, including off-whites or cream. Almost every classic design will be in one of those colors because it’s most emphasizing the ornaments. Luxurious classic design can also be in black.

Rustic Designed Cabinets

Rustic design is one of the most ancient design styles. It is only natural, considering that the rustic design makes use of natural materials, such as wood. As this “warm” design allows people to grant their houses a warm and cozy environment, it is no wonder that this design style is still one of the most popular designs. The most common colors for rustic designed cabinets are some sort of natural wood color, such as maple, mahogany, walnut, cherry or oak.

Contemporary Designed Cabinets

If every age has its most representative design style, these days it is the contemporary design style. Just like this generation, the contemporary design style is breaking the boundaries of the “old” design styles, with the use of untraditional colors, shapes and also styles combinations. It is dynamic, colorful and youthful. An example of contemporary designed cabinets will be of bright green color. Since the contemporary is a sort of the modern style evolution, it is usually smooth and of a solid color as well.

Combined Styles Designed Cabinets

What about those who can’t fully find themselves in any of the design styles? What if you love a bit of this and a bit of that? Then you’ll probably LOVE the combined styles design. Just as it sounds, it is a combination of two or more design style in one interior space. The options are countless, but since it is a combination rather than a traditional design style, you really need to know what you’re doing. It is harder to picture it in mind, so you must be creative and being able to vision whether the combination you came up with will work or turns to be a failure… So, it is strongly recommended to consult with a professional interior designer who is familiar with as many combinations as possible.

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