Dreaming about turning your old backyard into a beautiful backyard that offers you and your family hours of enjoyment? It isn’t so hard to do! All you need is to decide what the things you wish to have in your new backyard are and call us to give you a free estimate for it! Then, we can turn your dream into reality together. But first, here’s a few ideas for your new backyard design to inspire you with planning it.

Shaded Lounge

Every backyard must have a lounge or a courtyard, with shade, table and comfortable seats. The seats can be garden chairs, benches, couches or whatever you like. A beautiful pergola can both delineate the courtyard area and offer you shade. It will also beautifully decorate your backyard.

Kid’s Playhouse

Placing a playhouse on your backyard’s grass will allow your kids hours of enjoyment! There are many kinds of playhouses you can choose that your kids will love! You can also choose trampoline, soccer gate, etc. – it all depends on what your family likes and the adventure you wish to grant your kids in your own backyard! You can also plan your own custom made playhouse with swings, monkey bars, climbing frames, slides and more!

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is probably the most desired object for the backyard. And it is no wonder, as swimming pool will allow countless hours of enjoyment for your family and guests! It will upgrade every backyard party, that’s for sure.


BBQ bar is a must have in any backyard. After all, one of the things American homeowners most love doing in their backyard is barbequing. So, it is time to get serious and replace that portable BBQ and build a BBQ bar instead. How beautiful your new backyard design will look with a new BBQ bar, with granite counter, and even a sink and faucet? It will be so convenient, that’s for sure.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable garden is one of the most rewardable things to start in your own backyard. If you want to have a beautiful backyard, from which you can also harvest some tasty vegetables, you should consider including a vegetable garden in your new backyard design. If you’re afraid growing vegetables will be hard to do, you can start with herbs garden!

We surely hope our ideas inspire you for your new backyard design. Should you want our experts’ advice or help, you can call us at 702-660-0610 – and get our advices and a free estimate with no obligations!

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