Wood is one of the most common used material in interior design styles, but it is mostly associated with rustic design. We see it in houses and places that were designed in a western style, country-like, which mostly tries to create a rural styled areas. The basic features of the rustic design derived from nature-like styling, in order to recreate that cozy and warm environment within the designed area. What is rustic wood and how does rustic design is created? Answers ahead.

Rustic Wood

Any wood can become rustic with time, and so this is actually natural-made style. But, today rustic wood can be created as an attempt to create that nature-like texture that wood usually gets as time passes by. The rustic wood has rough edges and a coarse texture to it, and that is very similar to how houses were built in the past – like shacks and such. Today, more and more people wish to create similar design at their homes because this design symbolize the simplicity of life before the industrial age, when people lived closer to nature, families were much closer to each other, and life was much simpler. People miss that and long to feel like that even for a bit, and that’s what makes the rustic design style so popular.

Rustic Design – Imitation of Nature’s Work

The rustic design purpose, if so, is to recreate nature’s original work. Sometimes the rustic design is even created with materials other than wood. But the idea remains the same – a design style that imitate the way the wood is aging, its appearance, and the coziness atmosphere it creates within the designed house or room. For example: rustic kitchen will be designed with wooden cabinets, wooden floor and it can also include designing the ceiling with wood too.

Rustic in the Modern Design

Today, we can see different interior design styles to be combined together in one room. And so, we can see combinations of the rustic wood with the modern styling. We can see a rustic-styled floor in a modern designed kitchen or even bedroom. The strict designing rules and the separation between one design style to another is fading and more and more homeowners and also professional designers creates new designing styles by combining one style with another.

Rustic Design Experts in Las Vegas

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