Classic design style is royal and even majestic as appropriate for the royalty. After all, it was first in use in fine art and in castles and palaces of the royals. Due to its multi decorations and even statues, the classic design style will best suit wide and specious houses, but not only. Now let’s talk about classic bathroom and choosing new cabinets for it.

Classic Cabinets for the Bathroom

Classic cabinets will usually be of a solid color, mostly black or white, but not bright shiny white, rather off-white or even cream shade of white. It can be decorated beautifully and designed with a “wash” style color (mostly common in white cabinets). The new cabinets will also have beautiful decorated classic designed handles to complete the beautiful classic design style look. 

Planning a Classic Bathroom Design

Once you choose the classic cabinets, you can plan the entire bathroom accordingly. For example, white classic cabinets will go beautifully with an absolute black granite countertops for the bathroom vanities and for the flooring as well. Remember that the classic design style is known for the excessive use of natural stone in it, so you can also plan the bathtub and shower to be make of beautiful granite or marble. If you want the new cabinets to be in black, there are a lot of bright shades of granites and marbles to choose from in order to complete a royal-like beautiful bathroom design. 

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