The classic design style is suited mostly for big and wide spaces. So if you have a big kitchen space, and you want it to look beautiful, decorative and royal – you should consider the classic design style for your new kitchen design. Here’s a few tips for planning a classic kitchen. 

Colors for Classic Kitchen Cabinets

First choose the cabinets – it is one of the most visual element in the kitchen and once you’ll choose the new cabinets design, it will be easier for you to plan the entire kitchen design according to the cabinets. In the classic design style there’s a lot of engravings decorating the interior elements, including the cabinets. Therefore, the best choice will be of a bright color, such as cream or white, which are highly related to the classic design style.

Beautiful Granite to go with Classic Cabinets

If you choose bright color for your classic kitchen’s new cabinets, the best choice will be to choose dark solid granite color for the countertops. This will allow you to create a dramatic vibe in your new kitchen that is highly related with the classic design style and also very beautiful.

Beautiful Flooring to go with Classic Cabinets

Same goes for the new flooring of your classic kitchen – choose a similar color of flooring as the granite, so the contrast effect will be stronger. Those combinations of bright and dark deep shades in the classic kitchen allows a very beautiful results.

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