The rustic design style is very welcoming. Due to its warmth and inviting vibe, it is always nice to stay in a rustic designed space. When it goes for the bathroom, the rustic design reminds the atmosphere of a log cabin, warm and cozy, as the wood absorbs the heat and allows you to always enjoy your time in your own bathroom. And the bathroom cabinets should complete that vibe by its design.

Colors for Rustic Bathroom Cabinets

Chocolate, gingerbread, pecan, mocha, syrup, coffee, peanut and walnut. No, this is not a grocery list. Those are just a few of the shades of brown you can choose for your new rustic bathroom cabinets. Obviously it depends on the entire designing you choose for the bathroom – it can be all bright and then you can choose cream or tortilla brownish light shades for the new cabinets. If you wish the new bathroom design to be dark, deep and romantic, you can choose chocolate or hickory shades of brown for the new cabinets. You can also mix several shades of brown in the rustic bathroom – it always goes beautifully together. 

Planning a Rustic Bathroom Design

You can either choose the new cabinets shade by the general designing of the bathroom or you can choose the rustic cabinets shade and then plan the entire bathroom design accordingly. Either way is ok, it is only depends on you. The finish of the rustic cabinets can be rough according to the rustic design style, or it can give it a little modern design touch and choose smooth finish for the new cabinets. 

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