Rustic kitchens are warm and welcoming. The rustic design style is used in many houses, creating a homey vibe for many families to enjoy. And if that’s the vibe you want in your new kitchen and you love wooden elements, then the rustic design style is certainly the design style you should consider for your new kitchen. 

Colors for Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

If you want an “old-school” rustic designing for your kitchen, you should consider a rough finish for your new kitchen cabinets. Regarding the colors – you can choose any shade of brown which you like. You can choose bright brown color, almost cream like if you want your new cabinets to be very bright. You can choose dark chocolate shade if you want the cabinets to be dark and dominant in the entire kitchen design. And all shades in between!

Planning a Rustic Kitchen

Once you’ll choose the shade of your new cabinets, it will be easier for you to plan the entire kitchen design around it. If you choose dark shade cabinets, you can contrast it with bright natural stone countertops and bright beautiful flooring to go with. And if you choose bright shade cabinets, you can contrast it with dark shade natural stone countertops and dark shade flooring. Either way, you will emphasize the beautiful new cabinets in your kitchen.

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