There are several main design styles for cabinets. When choosing new cabinets for your house, the first decision should be based upon the general design style you wish to create in your home. Once the main design is set, you can determine the specific features of your cabinets design. Here we’ll talk about the main cabinets’ design styles and what are the general features of each style.

Classic Cabinets

Classic design is usually decorated with small details, ornamenting and elegant carvings. Due to the extensive use of decorations in this style, it suited best for large spaces. In small spaces, choosing this style might lead to a waste of space, but not necessarily (professional designer will be able to match a classic design to small spaces as well, by planning it wisely).

The main features of classic cabinets are the decorations we’ve mentioned and the usage of the colors cream or off-whites, which similar to vintage furniture styling.

Modern Cabinets

While the classic design style is usually decorated with many details, the modern style is the opposite, as it is usually minimalistic. Therefore, this design style suited for any scale of space at hand. The modern style can turn any room into an elegant and sophisticated space, while being very practical and effective while allowing us to use the space at hand to the fullest.

For modern cabinets we’ll see flat finishing, with straight lines and a homogeneous surface, and of one color. The main colors for the modern styling are: black or white.

Contemporary Cabinets

The contemporary design style is very similar to modern, as it was derived from the modern style. Only that the contemporary style is more dynamic and ever-changing. Meaning, the modern style maybe started a new thinking towards designing: from decorative to effective but, it still considered to be conservative in a way, especially in the color choices. Now the contemporary relays upon the ideas of the modern styling – keeping it practical, but it doesn’t have to be minimalistic and the colors that uses in this design style are so much varied than in the modern.

The main features of the contemporary design are bold choices, bold colors (red, green, orange cabinets and so), and an up to date styling.

Rustic Cabinets

The country-like design style, based on wooden elements and colors, and allows us to create a natural-like environment, cozy and warm. This design style affected a lot from the simple old ages, when most people used to live in villages, before the cities took over…

The main features of rustic cabinets are rough and natural finishing, while the colors are based on natural wood colors and shades.

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