On our last article we’ve discussed the color shades to suit dark wood designs and this time – that’s right – we’ll talk about the colors choices to go with bright ones. Will it be the opposite? Or will new options will reveal itself? What would you choose? So, here are our ideas for colors shades to go with bright wood designs.

Creating a Completing Design Line

Some people like it when the design line in their home is completing one. It makes sense because it allows a relaxing vibe to the house. And so, if you choose bright wood design, you can combine with it bright colors. But not any bright color. If you choose white cabinets for example, then you should consider colors such as lilac or pale blue. But, that doesn’t mean you can only choose bright colors. You can also choose bold colors to go beautifully with your new white cabinets, such as yellow.

Contrast Design Line

When you combine a contrast in your interior design, it usually will spice up the styling. Some call it a load design, some call it massy, but those who prefer it, will find completing design to be boring and will seek for those small things that “breaks” the design, aka as the contrast. Ok, so if you choose your new cabinets to be bright, you should consider the bold and dark color shades that will look beautiful against the cabinets. Bright kitchen’s cabinets will look great with galaxy black granite counters. But that combination is the obvious one. You can choose other bold colors that will suit your new kitchen – such as: navy blue, purple, yellow, red, orange, deep brown, and so on. But it is important to remember one thing – while you can choose any bright color and combine it with any bold color and create a beautiful design, matching the colors for the contrast smartly, can create a stunning results.

Whether you want a completing or a contrast design line, we recommend to consult with a professional designer in order to find the best combination for your taste. That is why, at Best Buy Cabinets, we offer to our customers the services of our designer to help plan your projects with no extra fee! Call us at: 702-660-0610 to schedule a free estimate for your project in Las Vegas and the area with no obligations.

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