So, you’ve chosen your new cabinets’ color to be of a dark shade. Or maybe you’ve chosen the new parquet flooring to be of a dark shade. But you’re still unsure about all the other elements and not sure which colors to choose that will go beautiful with your choice of the dark wood designs. Allow us to help you choose the best colors for you.

Dark Colors to Create Completion

If you’ve chosen dark wood designs and will choose dark colors to go with it, it will be beautifully because it will create a completion of the entire design line and will create a unified design style for the space. Say you’ve chosen dark brown cabinets for the bathroom, if you’ll choose black granite for the vanities it will create that completion we’re talking about. You can also choose a dark color sink to complete the design line. Now, design completion is beautiful, but we always recommend to include at least one element in bright colors that will create a contrast and “breaks” the dark design line, so the room we’re designing won’t be too dark. If you still a design line which is all dark, you just need to keep in mind that it will cause the room at hand to seem a lot smaller than what it really is.

Bright Colors to Create Contrast

While choosing dark colors for your new house element will go beautifully with the dark wood designs, most tend to choose bright colors. Why? For 2 reasons, first, the bright colors will create contrast with the dark wood, which is very appealing to the human eye. And secondly, the contrast will emphasize the new wooden designs. For example, if you choose dark brown new cabinets for your kitchen and you asked for it to be engraved with beautiful ornamentals, in the spirit of the classic design, choosing white granite for the kitchen’s new counters will create contrast with the cabinets, which will emphasize the new cabinets’ decorations.

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