Crown molding – should I add it to my new cabinets or not? There’s not a lot to say about this beautiful element, as it speaks for itself. Along history we can see crown molding that was shaped from wood, plastic and in some cases from granite. It uses mostly as interior decoration at the intersection between the wall and the ceiling, but also atop cabinets, windows, doors and such. What its purpose you ask? Let’s review the main of it.

Decorative Element

The crown molding is a decorative element, initially designed to create a beautiful seam between the walls and the ceiling. Later, was also used for the same purpose for the intersection between the walls and windows/doors/cabinets. For example: a lot of our customers do choose to combine crown molding for their new cabinets.

Which Design Style Suits Crown Molding?

Well, if look back, we can see that at the beginning of the crown molding it was used in castles and palaces, and so is most related to the classic design style until our days. But, in the past two decades or so, there’s a trend to combine between one design style with others. So, these days, we can see the crown molding in modern designs end even rustic designs – it is all depend on the taste and preferences of the customers.

Another effect of the crown molding is to set the edge of the cabinets, doors and windows. And installed atop of the elements – it is placed high just as a crown, while granting a royal touch to the entire space!

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