Buying a new house is exciting, as you get the chance to remodel and shape your home before you move in, which allows you avoid the stress that sometimes caused by remodeling a house where you live in. The remodeling options are countless and if you’re looking for ideas – you came to the right place. Here are some design ideas for a new Las Vegas Home.

Two Floors Houses

As far as we concerned, two floors houses has some great advantages to it, especially when it comes to designing it. Think about it, you get the chance to give one floor a certain style and a different one to the second. For example, you can choose to create a modern designed entrance, living room and kitchen, while the second floor can be designed in a countryside style. By using clear and light colors downstairs you can create a sophisticate modern appearance to the ground level of your home, and by using brownish dark colors upstairs and combining wood furniture you can create a warm and cozy environment in the bedrooms. Who says your home can have only one type of design?

Remodeling the Kitchen and the Bathrooms

We always recommend to invest a little extra in the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen is where we all come together as a family by sharing meals, holidays and moments. Beautiful new granite countertops will allow you to enjoy both convenience and beautiful kitchen that will last for years to come. New kitchen cabinets will allow you to set the storage of everything in the kitchen, just the way you like it to be.

Bathrooms has to be cleaned as it is a room that has a lot of heat and wetness in it due to its functionality, and so, when remodeling the bathroom, you should take this under consideration and make choices that will allow your new bathroom to not only be beautiful, but also one that can be cleaned and maintained easily. For example: instead of choosing small tiles for the bathroom walls, prefer one slab of an easy to clean stone (granite, quartz, marble, etc.) to cover each wall, which can be simply cleaned by washing it with running water.

Backyard Barbeque

Vegas is a place where a lot of celebrations take place – why shouldn’t your house be the same? Building a backyard barbeque bar will allow you to cook meat and vegetables outside, without messing your kitchen, while enjoying the wonderful evening weather outside! And if that’s not a reason for a celebration with your family and friends, we’re not sure what is!

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