DIY furniture add so much style to home decoration. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and sometimes, even your own trash can be turned into a treasure – and by your own hands! On this article we will give you the basic steps of renewing old wooden furniture, which anyone can follow! So, step up to the challenge and show off your creativity.

Stage One – Polishing

Wood is a very flexible material. Sure, not flexible in terms of plastic or aluminum. But, wood is flexible in a way that allows us to easily adjust it to our needs. For example, if its paint is peeling or its edges turned rough with the years, it can be easily fixed. And that is where polishing steps in. Polishing wood is done by polish machine or by hand. What you need is sandpapers of different levels. Start with the roughest grid and work your way to the smoothest one. The wood will become smoother and smoother, which you will notice easily. Use a brush to clean the dust off the furniture’s slits.

Why is it Important to Smooth the Wood?

First, rough edges of wood can hurt us, as its chips can get into our skin. Secondly, when the wooden furniture is smooth, it is much easier to have it cleaned. Thirdly, even if the wood is smoothen you can grant it either a smooth-shiny finishing or matte.

Stage Two – Oiling

Once the furniture is smoothed to the level you’re happy with, you can oil it in order to seal the wood. You can also use wood wax for that stage. Make sure it is not of a thick layer. Actually, it should be very thin so use a very small amount of the oiling or wax. After applying the oil or wax, allow it to dry properly.

Stage Three – Painting?

This stage isn’t a must, but we do recommend it, even if you’ll choose to repaint it with its same old color. Repainting the furniture is the difference between a simple cleaning of the furniture and turning it into a new one. You can also choose a new color for the furniture of course. Remember, you can start applying the paint only when the furniture is dried completely from the oil. Apply one or two paint layers, as needed and allow it to dry again. In case you paint more than one layer, allow it to dry between the first and the second painting too.

Stage Four – Sealing

Sealing the wood furniture is an important stage that will allow your furniture to last for years to come, including its paint. You can buy a wooden sealer in every home improvement store. Once or twice a year, apply a thin layer of the sealer to ensure the furniture great condition!


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