One of the hardest things to do before starting a remodeling project is to choose the right company to hire for the job. There are things you just know – such as the places in your house that you must renew or the budget you can gather for the remodeling project. And there are things that are harder to figure out, such as which design style to choose for your new kitchen or new bathroom – but the services of a good company, will allow you to plan all of that without hesitation. And now comes the part of choosing a remodeling company. As we see it here, at Best Buy Cabinets, the key of choosing right is to know as much as you can about the company and the services they offer before you hire them. Therefore, here’s everything there is to know about us – Best Buy Cabinets.

About Us

At Best Buy Cabinets, we believe that home is family and family is home. After all we are a family-owned company. See, each family has its own traditions, habits, hobbies, lifestyle, preferences and taste. Therefore, every home ought to be designed for its certain family. Otherwise, how can you turn a house into a home? Houses maybe built by the same blueprints, but home are meant to be designed according to a personal taste, and not the preferences of the contractor or builder. And so, our motto is to hear out our customer, the homeowner, listening to their wishes, taste and requests and to calculate all of it into a plan for the remodeling project, which will allow us to create the homes our customers expect us to. We believe in transparency, honesty and fair pricing. We also believe in quality – high quality of materials, high quality of work, and high quality of results – so each of our customers will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Best Buy Cabinets is a local Las Vegas carpenter and we take pride of serving the local community over two decades.

A Local Las Vegas Carpenter

Best Buy Cabinets is a local company, and we serve the local community of Las Vegas and surroundings, including Boulder city, Henderson and Pahrump. The idea is to be close to our clientele, which allows us to provide our customers with an immediate answer to any issue along their projects. We wish our beautiful city’s community to be happy, healthy and safe, and so we take it as our main goal to turn their houses into their homes. That is why we’ve also placed all of our assets in Las Vegas. Click here to learn more about the benefits of choosing a local company for your project.

In-House Production Chain

Along the years of serving the local community, we’ve built our own in-house production chain. Our goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive services that will address all of their remodeling projects’ needs. You’re more than welcome to visit our own showroom, our cabinets shop, and our stone fabrication shop. Now, not only that our customers can witness each stage of their project with their own eyes, having our own production chain allows us to fully overlook each step of the process, to ensure high quality in each step. When we’re aware of every step being made, we can immediately correct every possible error or malfunction. On the bottom line, this means not only quality, but also a full response to every remodeling project.

General Contractor at Your Service

Best Buy Cabinets operates as a general contractor, which means we will take care of every aspect of your project. New cabinets? New granite counters? New tile flooring? We will plan it all with you and for you. When working with us, you don’t have to run around from one company to the other, as we will provide your project with anything it may needs. Need products for your project? No problem, as we also work as a one-stop-shop. Meaning, anything you may need for your project. And should there be something that we don’t have, we’ve got great deals with local vendors for any material or product at the highest quality. But ordering what you need for the project isn’t the end of it, right? What about making sure that everything arrives on time, as ordered and that nothing is missing? And what do you do when you find out something went wrong and say you’ve got the wrong color of granite slab as you’ve ordered? Well, that is why we have a foreman for you.

A Foreman to Run Your Remodeling Project

For each of the remodeling projects we take on, we assign a foreman. It’s your project’s foreman responsibility to take care of the project from A to Z. What exactly that means? Well, first, to guide you with ordering everything your project needs. Then, to make sure that everything arrives on schedule and as requested. It is also under the responsibility of the foreman to make sure everything runs on schedule, it is their jobs to serve as a quality control on your project, and to take care any issue that might occur during the project. Also, it is the foreman responsibility to answer any question or concern you may have regarding your remodeling project. Our foremen are experienced and professional and will come up with the best solution for any scenario that may occur. Want to know more about the foreman’s responsibilities and how will they guide you through your project? Enter here.

High Professionalism and a Vast Experience

Before committing yourself to any company at all, make sure you know what is their professionalism level and the scale of their experience with different types of projects. At Best Buy Cabinets, we’ve planned and executed so many projects of so many types, that we believe there’s nothing we can’t do. We’ve not scared of any idea and never asked you to do something else because we’re not sure of it. On the contrary, we have a vast experience with so many idea and designs that we’re actually looking forward brining into life new designs and unique ideas. On the bottom line – should you have an idea for your home – we will go with you and will create it for you, rather than convincing you to choose more of a conservative design. After all it is you and your family who will reside the house, and so we want it to be perfect in your eyes. Needless to say that our team includes only professionals, which accumulated a vast experience through the years. Enter here to learn more about the benefits of choosing professionals for your project.

Comprehensive Services for All Remodeling Needs

As part of our effort to provide our customers with a full answer to their needs, we offer some services, which we consider as basics in order for you to be rest assured you’ve chosen right by choosing Best Buy Cabinets. The idea is to reach 100% customer satisfaction on each and every project. And so, you’re very welcome to enjoy the following services (and more!). You don’t have to use it all, but it is here for your service, should you need it.

Free Estimates for Each Project

We’ve mentioned it a million times and here comes the million and one: each and every homeowner deserves a free estimate before committing themselves to any company and to any project. Otherwise, how one can decide having a remodeling project? How can one know what’s the scale of the budget they will need for the project? And there are other aspect you’ll need to prepare yourself towards it as well – for example: the time frame in which your project will take, and whether or not you’ll need a substitute residence for the project. Therefore, when you call Best Buy Cabinets, the first thing we do is scheduling a free estimate at your place with one of our experts. On that meeting, you’ll be able to express your wishes, to consult with our professional and to get a price quote for your project. You can ask any question you may have about any aspects of the project, before you commit yourself to anything at all. Enter here to learn how to prepare for your free estimate meeting and how to make the most of it.

Professional Designer Service

A lot of times it happens that the homeowner knows which room they would like to change, for example having a new kitchen or a new bathroom or redesigning the whole backyard – but, they’re not sure what is it exactly that they want to have. Not the things itself and not the style of it. None of us conducting a remodeling project any given day, it can be massy and it isn’t exactly cheap, right? Therefore, planning any remodeling project is a task which we take very seriously. Therefore, we offer the services of our professional designer for each project with no additional fees. You can consult with our designer regarding what you want to combine in every space of your house – interior and exterior, choose the design styles and eventually, to create a plan of what you want your house to look like at the end of the remodeling project process.

How to Choose Materials and Products for Your Remodeling Project

Choosing the materials and products for your remodeling project, is another task you’ll have to overcome. And with all the possibilities out there – it won’t be easy if you’ll go from one store to the other checking everything, compering and eventually choosing the things you loved most and that are affordable for your budget. But, worry not, because we’ve got you covered here as well. Our professionals will guide you through the options, while recommending good and quality materials according to your taste. Even more than that, we will accompany you to the vendors’ showrooms and stores in order to assist you with choosing the exact things for your project.

Enjoy 30% Discount from Our Vendors

As mentioned, we operate as a one-stop-shop. Sure we may not have it all in-house, but we will connect you with the best vendors in Las Vegas, which offer the best materials and products in the field of home improvement. Due to our long-term collaboration, the vendors will offer you with special package deals for you project, while providing the best goods in the field. Obviously, you don’t have to enjoy this benefit and you can choose your project’s materials with anyone you want, but trust us – you won’t find better offers all across town. See, we don’t consider it to be a service, as in our perspective, this is an entirely benefit from which you and enjoy, should you hire us for your project.

The Projects of Best Buy Cabinets

New Cabinets

At Best Buy Cabinets we expert in planning, designing, and manufacturing new cabinets. We aim to please our customers and to come up with the answer to their storage needs, whether at the kitchen, the bathroom or the backyard. We can custom-make any new cabinets’ design you wish, and color, and suited perfectly to every corner of your house. Need only cabinets’ doors? No problem. Wish to add upper cabinets in the new kitchen? No problem. Whatever you need – we will design it to suit perfectly to your needs. We use only the best materials, and so our cabinets will serve our customers for years to come. Enter here to learn more about our projects and explore some examples to your inspiration.

Storage Solutions

Storage space is one of the biggest issues for most homeowners. Actually? For anyone. There’s just never enough storage space at our homes, right? And therefore, Best Buy Cabinets takes it as a challenge to create new and tailored storage solutions for each of our customers. Even if the focus of your remodeling project isn’t the storage space, for example: you remodel the kids’ room or the bathroom – we will make sure to include storage solutions within the stage of planning everything for the project. We have created storage solutions for the backyard, the garage, the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway and each and every room. You’ll tell us what you need and for what (so we can plan the storage according to your possessions), and we will bring it into reality. Enter here to discover all our blog posts about storage solutions, ideas and more!

New kitchens

The kitchen – the most important room at the house – where we cook, where we eat, where we share our experiences, where we celebrate holidays, where we come together as a family. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a lot of it “working” or preparing our foods. And so, it much be convenient not only to cook in it, but also to keep it clean so our family can enjoy healthy foods. At Best Buy Cabinets we plan not only the new cabinets for your new kitchen, but also the countertops, the flooring, the lighting, the curtains, the sink, the faucets – and anything else you might need in your new kitchen. That includes the infrastructure – piping and electrical and its replacement should its condition require us to do so. Enter here to explore our kitchen’s projects and get inspired for your project.

New Bathrooms

The most pampering room at the house! Not at your house? Well, first you ought to design it to be pampering! After all, this is the room where you can close the door behind you, get inside a warm and of a sweet scent bathtub, lay down, close your eyes, and relax for about an hour or so. But first, you need us to create the perfect setting for that dream, right? And that is exactly what we will do for you. We will plan a big bathtub for you, a new flooring, new bathroom cabinets to store everything you need conveniently, dim lights to allow you to relax – but also bright lights for when you need to do your hair or wash your face, and shortly – a perfect environment in which you can enjoy at the end of each day. We’re also expert in adjusting the bathroom to suit any of your family members – be it a child, an adult or for a person with any sort of disability. Want to learn more about our bathroom’s projects? Enter here!

New Flooring

At the flooring department we have great solutions for you! Most homeowners choose to option of a hardwood flooring or a natural stone tile flooring, as those two are the best options and will last for many years as a grate condition. But we have additional options for you, so whatever flooring you want for your house, we have it. You can also suit a different kind of new flooring for each room or space in your house or the backyard. Multiple colors, shades and textures are available. Enter here to learn more about the best flooring in Las Vegas.

New Backyards

Tired of that deserted backyard outside of your window? Tired of the neighbors’ greener grass? Let’s plan a new backyard for you and your family. And just as we like to plan each house according to its family needs, we will plan your new backyard to suit the things you’d like to enjoy in your backyard. We will set a beautiful lounge area for you, maybe with a beautiful pergola or other source of shade. We will plan a beautiful BBQ bar for your backyard so you can host with style the next time you’re having friends or family over for a barbeque Sunday! We will plant flowers, trees and grass, will create waterfalls and anything else that will allow you to fell as though you were out in nature itself! Additionally, you can include things that suit your family’s activities – such as football goal or a soccer gate, a basketball net, and even a swimming pool – why not? On our blog, you’ll find articles with ideas for how to decorate your backyard, storage solutions of the backyard, and new cabinets for the backyard.

Winter’s Solutions

Winter rises its own requirements, right? Let’s talk about heating solutions for a moment. We can plan a beautiful custom-made fireplace for you, be it in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the backyard! Vegas’s winters can be as cold as ice, and we ought to think of it all. You can also choose gas or electrical fireplaces as you pleased. We also offer beautiful fire pit designs for the backyard, that won’t only warm up your wintry evenings but also add a beautiful decorative element to your entire backyard.

Bedrooms Design

Do you wish to revive romance in your bedroom? Do want to create a nice and romantic settings for you and your partner in your master bedroom? Let’s do this! Our designer will guide you through choosing the furniture for your bedroom, the lighting and the colors in order to create a master bedroom that won’t only be romantic but practical for anything you need at the end of the day when all you want to do is to relax at your own space. Dim light for romance, desk lights so you can read your favorite magazine or a book, and main lights so you can enjoy dressing up in front of the mirror and check out your outfit before going out. And what about the master bedroom’s bathroom? Well, first, our goal is to create a dual counters for you (unless you don’t want it…), so it will be much easier to share mornings. Additionally, how about a nice bathtub or even a Jacuzzi for you two? Allow us to plan your master bathroom, there’s nothing we won’t think about for you!

Kids Rooms Design

Have kids you want to design beautiful rooms for? We’ve got your back! Our designer will assist you with planning amazing kids and teenagers theme rooms, to both be as efficient as the parents want it to be and as cool as the kids wish it to be. Should you have a little space issue with the kids’ rooms, we will come up with the best solutions to any condition. We will offer space solution, such as a bank bed but also storage space related solutions such as a space to store all the toys daily (meaning it should be accessible and convenient to use). So, first we’ll plan where to place each of the furniture in the room. Then, we’ll plan the storage space, which can be custom-designed to be almost everywhere should you plan it right. And then, we will plan the room’s theme – and this is where we’ll take the kids’ wishes into consideration as much as possible. You can discover more wooden designs’ ideas for the kids’ room here.

Home Bars – Interior or Exterior

Host a cocktail party at your home and show off your bartending skills to your family and friends! First of all, a home bar grants the house a luxurious touch, especially should you display your booze collection upon the wall on top of beautiful glass shelves. Allow our experts to design a beautiful bar for you, with transparent countertop with lights coming through it – just as those you see in Vegas’s biggest, most fancy nightclubs. Add shelves and lighting, place your bottles upon it – and there you have a stunning home bar to host your friends in style whenever you desire in doing so. Our experts can also design your home bar to be at the backyard, for those perfect pool parties! Cheers to that! Enter here to explore some of our home bars’ projects!

Home Theater

Having a home theater is one of the biggest indulgences there’s out there to enjoy at your own house. Who doesn’t like to go to the theater? And now imagine to do the same in a private theater, at the convenience of your own pajamas. Sure, you can also dress up and feel the whole “going out” experience to the fullest, but, it is always good to know you can enjoy it as you wish. And the best thing about it? You can share the enjoyment with your family and friends and invite them over for a movie night (even on a Sunday morning!). Our experts will design it perfectly for you with all the equipment you’d expect to find in any theater. But – that is not all! Should you want to enjoy other entertainment room at your house, our experts will plan it for you – gaming rooms, private library, table-games room, etc. Whatever you picture it to be, we’ll create it for you.

How to Choose a Design Style for Your New Home?

A lot of times, we find our customers to get lost between the endless selections of options in the designing field. Sure, they want to renew their house’s appearance, and they want it to be beautiful but they aren’t quite sure which design style to choose, or even which elements to combine in their designs. And that is why we offer the services of our professional designer and that is also why we hire only experienced professionals in all design styles and they will guide you through choosing the design style for your home. They won’t choose for you, because that is something only you can decide, but they will guide you, recommend high quality materials and advise you according to your taste, so together, you will come up with the design style plan for your remodeling project. For more tips, ideas and inspirations for how to choose the design style for your home – enter here and discover all of our blog posts in the subject!

Classic Design

Classic design style is one of the most ancients design styles, but it was most common amongst the high society, and royalty. Very stylized design, with a lot of decorations, angles, curves and engravings. Mostly natural stone designs, such as granite sculptures and floor-to-ceiling stone pillars. The main idea is to create something spectacular, prestigious, and packed with details. Be it a design style that was in use mainly in palaces and castles – there wasn’t any issue about the space size, as the palaces halls are enormous in compere with today’s average houses spaces. There was also no use in trying to fully use the space at hand because naturally there was enough space for anything the designer wanted to create. It was more of an art rather than an interior design. Therefore, we see a lot of artistic elements in the classic design style – at least in its old version. Enter here to learn more about the main features of classic design style.

Rustic Design

Rustic design style is also a very “old” design style, as this one was more common amongst the villages and more popular that the classic design style (that was only for the high class). It is inspired from nature itself, as there’s a lot of use in stones and wood elements. Think of log cabins and there you have the beginning of this pastoral design style. In our days, the idea is to create that same warm and pastoral atmosphere within the modern city home. That’s way we see an extensive use of that design style in the country rather than in the city. But still, due to its magical pastoral touch, this design style is very popular up to this day. Enter here to learn more about the main features of rustic design style.

Modern Design

The modern design is sort of a contradiction to the classic design. while the classic design is very artistic and detailed, and isn’t considerate towards the space at hand, the modern design style is highly effective and was born to make the most out of the modern relatively small residential spaces. Meaning, there are a lot of straight angles in this design style, there’s no engravings or decorative elements. The design is relatively minimalistic, flat, and smooth, and the colors are solid as well, in order to avoid a too crowded space in unnecessary details. While the rustic design considered to be a “warm” design style, the modern design considered to be efficient and “cold”. Enter here to learn more about the main features of modern design style.

Contemporary Design

The contemporary design style was born out of the modern design and is an evolution of it. The main design’s characters remained the same: minimalistic and efficient. Only it is much bolder, dynamic design, just as this generation – restless, vibrant and much adjusted to comfort. The spaces designed to suit perfectly to a certain purpose – meaning new sizes and shapes of spaces. It is still meant to be efficient but dynamic, therefore, we will see new angles within the interior design. The colors are extremely bold, such as red, purple, orange and such. We will also see a lot of use in glossy finishing on the contemporary cabinets. Enter here to learn more about the main features of contemporary design style.

Creating a New Design

You can always create new designs to suit only your own taste. You can design a rustic kitchen with classic engravings. You can design a rustic bathroom but focusing on the efficiency of the room by using the modern design elements. On the bottom line, your options are countless, but – we recommend to consult with a professional, so you won’t get lost among the options and plan something to massy. If you want a new and unique design in your house, you can meet with our professional designer and plan together a one-of-a-kind designs for your new home.

Want to consult with our professional designer or get a free estimate in Las Vegas and surroundings? Call best Buy Cabinets at: 702-660-0610 and let’s plan your new cabinets and your remodeling project from A to Z with no obligations!

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