Every desire in a home remodeling leads to many questions that appearing in your mind and sometimes stress you up before the project had even started. So, calm down because we got you with the most FAQ about new kitchen and the planning pf the remodeling project. It is time to kick back and get your questions answered. Let’s start.


How much a new kitchen costs? The price of your new kitchen is combined of several variables, such as: the size of the kitchen and the counters, the materials you’ll choose and the products you’ll choose, the things you actually choose to replace as part of the remodeling project (such as the floor, the counters, the appliances, the skins and faucets, etc.) and the company you choose to hire for the job. You can lower the costs by choosing to replace only what must be replaced and combine it with things that are still quality in your kitchen. For example, should your kitchen’s cabinets are relatively new and you like it, you don’t have to replace it and you can match it with new countertops. There are things you shouldn’t compromise about, such as the level of professionalism of the company you hire for the job (as it directly affect the quality of the results you’ll get).

Can I enjoy a renewed kitchen with a small budget and in a short time? Yes. As mentioned above, you can set remodeling project to suit your budget by making priorities for your new kitchen – what must be replaced, what can be a part of the new kitchen. Also, we don’t recommend to choose low quality of products and materials but no one says you need to choose the most expensive ones as well. A good professional will advise you about making quality yet affordable choices for your remodeling project.

Free Estimate

Where can I get a free estimate for a new kitchen in Las Vegas and the area? With us of course! We make our experience and knowledge available for our customers for free and with no obligations. Meaning, you can enjoy a meeting with one of our experts at your home, get a price quote for your project and consult about the right choices for your project. Call to schedule your meeting for a free estimate for your Las Vegas home remodeling project at: 702-660-0610.

Planning the Kitchen Remodeling Project

How should I plan my new kitchen design? According to your preferences and with the advice of a professional. Meaning, you can get ideas and the advices of professionals, but at the bottom line, you and your family are those who’re about to reside the house. And so, you must make choices that suit your preferences and not according to the taste of someone else’s.


How long will it take to complete my new kitchen? It depends on the scale of the kitchen’s project. Some projects take only a single day to be executed and some takes several day or even a week. It is up to you to adjust the time by adjusting the scale of the project. Also, choosing an experienced and trustable professional will allow you to enjoy a short and focused project execution.

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