Every year you say to yourself that that’s it, this year you’re about to put some time decorating your home and garden. you plan so many things, such as reorganize all the storage, change the curtains, polish the floor, clean the backyard and throw away all that junk that simply takes place of your potential beautiful patio. But sure enough, you find yourself too busy or too tired to dedicate yourself to the job. How about this year, you’ll actually live up to your wishes and act on it? In order to encourage you, here are few tips for how to improve your home, by investing just a little extra of your time.

The Backyard

Sure, it is the part of your house that requires the most of your time and effort in order to create a beautiful and enjoyable space, but it is the part that most worth it. Just before it is turning too hot outside, now is the time to start taking care of your backyard. Start with removing the weeds that has grown undisturbed. Once you’ll do that, the hardest part will be behind you. Then you can buy some chairs and table, so you can start enjoying spending time at your backyard. You can also plant beautiful plants which you like, including flowers and fruit trees, from which you can enjoy in the future. You can also start your own vegetable garden – it will allow you to enjoy fun activity, and to enjoy the fruits of your effort once it will give you its crop.

Allow More Light Into Your Home

Summer is the time to allow more light into your home. Enjoy the sun and allow it in. you can do so by changing the curtains into more transparent ones and of a light color. You can open it as well during the day, so you can enjoy as much natural light at your house as possible.

Reorganize Your Home

Yes, it may sounds hard and tiring task, but, organizing all your things will allow you to enjoy the order that follows. Sort your storage capacity and get rid of what you really don’t need anymore. You can have a garage sale and even gain a little money out of your hard work and old stuff, which is useless to you at this point. You can also reorganize the space at your home and get that feeling of new order, as refreshing the interior design.

By investing about two hours per week you can enjoy a much more convenient and beautiful home and backyard. You can include the children in the process and turn it into a quality time for your family, as you’re all taking care of your beautiful home.

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