One of the most popular styles of kitchens’ cabinets in Las Vegas is the glossy cabinets. Maybe it’s related with this city’s glamor, which homeowners want to have in their houses. And with this beautiful style – the new kitchen has its own glamor indeed. It goes with more than one design style, it can be done with different colors, and it will probably be the wow factor of the new kitchen. Here are some of the glossy kitchen designs in Las Vegas.

Glossy Cabinets in Modern Design Style

The glossy cabinets first created as creative designers started combining glass in cabinets’ production. At the beginning it was a layer of transparent glass that was placed upon the cabinets’ doors, granting it a glossy touch. Later on the glossy affect was granted to the paint itself, and as used on the cabinets the result was pretty similar to the glass layer used before. In the modern design, we mostly saw the use of white or black colors, and so the first glossy styles were either on white cabinets or black cabinets. Further on along the way, more colors joined the glamorous party of glossy cabinets.

Glossy Style in Contemporary Design Style

If you’ll walk into the bathrooms of Las Vegas’s biggest hotels, you’ll probably find glossy cabinets in most. It is a contemporary design style, which is vibrant, dynamic and excited – meaning, it suits perfectly to the vibe of Las Vegas. When you walk down Las Vegas’s strip at night, the first thing your eyes will witness is that this city is sparkling and the glossy style is simply the perfect match to this city’s glamorous atmosphere. The contemporary design style, has brought with it the use of alive, vibrant colors of interior designs, and it seems that the addition of using any color you can think of was simply made for the glossy style.

Colorful and Shiny

So, the contemporary glossy design style allows homeowners to choose their own favorite color to shine in their new kitchens, be it the more “classic” modern colors – white or black – or more bold choices, such as red, purple, blue, neon green and so on. No doubt that the contemporary style allowed the glossy style to come out on the closet (literally), and we love its vibe!

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