The fashion industry has always been about beauty, uniqueness and special designs. That is why no fashion store can succeed without a beautiful presentation of the clothing, shoes and accessories offered in it. But designing such presentation shouldn’t be so hard if you know what you’re doing. On this article we will give you tips for how to design your fashion shop’s presentation by using new cabinets that meant to answer exactly the display and storage needs of your store.

Clothing Stores

The first type of fashion stores is the clothing store, where each design of the merchandise should be fully presented and the rest should be beautifully displayed on shelves and stands. For the full presentation of an outfit, a suit or a dress, you can use open closets or mannequins displays. The rest of your merchandise can be beautifully folded and presented on shelves or can be hanged on clothing stands. When you order new cabinets for your shop presentation, make sure that the open closets are high enough to allow full presentation and the shelves to be placed at the right height. You can also ask for beehive-like custom-made closets to place the clothing stocks as it is both beautiful and practical.

The Sunglasses Store Presentation

At the typical sunglasses store there are few features that must exist. First, a bright light to allow the customers to try on the sunglasses and get the sense of its affect protecting their eyes from the bright light. Secondly, to complete the bright presentation the store walls should also be painted with bright color – best is a bright white, but can also be bright yellow for that matter. The sunglasses should be presented in designed cabinets with glass doors that will allow presenting all the models’ selection you offer. Some of the doors can be sealed with a lock, for the expensive merchandise you want to emphasize its prestigious.

Custom-Made Cabinets for Accessories Stores

Fashion accessories stores offers a lot of merchandise of a wide selection. You can find scarves, hats, gloves, ties, socks, handbags, sunglasses, and so much more in those shops. Meaning, the presentation should be special designed to allow it all a beautiful display. It can be organized by the types of items you sell – all the hats in one corner and socks on the other. It can also be organized by the gender each item is meant for – though more and more people don’t choose their accessories by their gender but by what they feel that suited their style. Whatever you choose – all the items should be presented beautifully.

There are so many more types of fashion stores and each can be designed differently. If you want to have custom-made cabinets for your store’s presentation and want to consult with a professional about it, you can call us at: 702-660-0610 and schedule a free estimate meeting with one of our cabinets design experts.

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