There is a high importance to the way you decide to design your business. Be it a shoes store, a restaurant, a candy shop or any other type of business, its design will affect the willing of potential customers to enter it and even to whether buy anything or not. Therefore, each styling decision must be considered properly and be calculated smartly. What will allow your customers to conveniently go through your merchandise? To try something on or to taste it? What method of a display will be the best to present your goods? And how does new cabinets can offer great solutions for your business’s designing? Let’s try and answer it all by a study case of a candy shop.

The Colorful Candy Shop Design

We chose one of the businesses’ types that is easy and most fun to design – the candy shops. When designing your business, there are two main things you need to consider. One, is your merchandise and the best way to display it. And two, who your customers are? And so, when talking about a candy shop, the merchandise is anything sweet, including chocolates, candies, gums, etc., which sold in bags, packages and also bulk candies. The customers are mostly children but not only, as adults also love candies and they do want to feel like kids again, walking into your candy shop. So, how would you choose to design your shop?

Design the Display

Once we determine the type of products it is easier to plan the display of it. The first type of candies is the kind that sold in wrappings and packages, which can be beautifully displayed on wooden shelves. The idea is to install long shelves that will allow a wide selection presentation yet not too packed. The bulk candies should be presented in transparent display containers, which will allow your customers to see through it and what will allow a colorful presentation. What you can also do is to design new cabinets and containers that will be open on top, which will allow the candies to be organized beautifully and both be visible for the customers. Each containers’ set can be suited to the kind of candies it contains.

The Candy Shop Walls’ Colors

Once you set the merchandise display, you have the picture of how colorful it would be. Now, you don’t want to add too many colors on the shop’s walls. You can do one of two things – one, is to choose one bold color that will be the base for your colorful display. It can be pink, purple, pale blue, orange or any other joyful vivid color. Second, is to color each room in your shop with the main color of the products you present in it. For example, color the walls in chocolate brown and even choose a wall paper with pattern of chocolate cubes. You can color the gums corner’s walls with bubblegum-like pink. Feel free to play with your options in your mind and try to visualize what the outcome will look like.

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