As the season is getting colder we wish to heat our house more in order to enjoy a warm and cozy environment in our own home. But, heating our home can sometimes cost a lot of money, rising our electricity bills higher and higher. Those who heat their homes with smart thinking will save a lot on heating, and you know what? It can be done pretty easily. Here’s a few tips for how you can heat up your house and save both power and money.

The AC is the Cheapest Way to Heat a House

There are plenty options for residential heater out there – some are big and expensive and some are relatively small and are very cheap to purchase. But, keeping in mind that the cheap heaters won’t always save you money is important should you wish to save power and money on heating your home, but we will get to that later. First, let’s talk about the cheapest method to heat your home – the AC. Air conditioning is still the cheapest way to heat your home, but only if you use it smartly. Meaning, you shouldn’t set it on a high temperature – set it on a temperature that will be warm enough and let it do its job to keep your home feel warm and cozy. Setting it on a high temperature will cost you more than it should. Additionally, set it on “automatic” operation as it will allow the AC’s thermostat to maintain the desired temperature without using a lot of power. The thermostat will only resume the AC operation when needed.

Room Heaters

Let’s talk about room heaters – they are cheap and small and in all pretty convenient to use, right? Now that is all great and will be a perfect solution if only it wouldn’t cost a lot to use. See, those room heaters usually require a lot of power to operate and so it may look small, but it will cost you much more in comparison with what the AC usage will cost you. Now, it is not that you can’t use room heaters at all, but you must do two things in order to keep you electricity bills on balance – first, check the energy label of the heater before buying it to make sure you buy a heater that is efficient regarding power usage. Second, make sure it is not too strong for the room you plan to use it in. If it will be too strong for the room, you will overheat it and will pay more than you should on heating that room.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

There are other options to heat your home that works on other energies rather electricity, such as those which operates on gas, fire, etc. You can elevate those in order to save money on heating your house, but first you must check the cost of using each and then decide which the cheapest and most efficient methods to use at your home and on your backyard or balcony are. For example, using a fire pit is a great way to save money rather than use an electronic heater, which isn’t so efficient outdoors.

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