A lot of times homeowners chooses to remodel only the cabinets in their houses. Sometimes it is because they have enough budget only for new cabinets, and sometimes the cabinets are the only thing that requires remodeling. Either way, replacing the cabinets alone, requires to think about how you can match it with the entire existing interior design. And so, for those cases – here’s how to match the new cabinets with the entire design line at your home.

Do You Love the Current Design Line?

First, you need to thing whether you like the current design line of your home. If you don’t, you should think ahead and choose a whole new design for the new cabinets, which you will be able to complete as you’ll remodel the rest of the room in the future (or as a part of the current remodeling project). If you do like the existing design line, than you should explore what will go with it. The colors, the patterns, etc.

The Colors

When it comes to the colors of your new cabinets design, there’s two options to go with. First, you can choose contradict colors. It will create a design effect that will emphasize the separate element by its color. Which also means, that you can CHOOSE which elements to emphasize. Get it? The other option is to choose complementary colors that goes together in harmony. This option is great for those of us who doesn’t like bold design contradictions. Some people really suffer from heavy design contradictions and might even get headaches from such, so the option of choosing complementary colors will do them well.

Break the Design

When you choose new cabinets, you can choose the same design for it as your entire home’s design line or you can match it with other design style that will go beautifully with the existing one. If you wish to do so, we recommend to consult with a professional designer about your options. A professional will be able to guide you through your endless options and offer some ideas that will create an amazing design combination.

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