Is your garage packed beyond recognition? Do you have to make your way between boxes and piles of things you have no idea where to store? Does it take you a long time to locate something when you need it? Do you want to put an end to the chaos in your garage for once and for all? Well, there’s no doubt this article is for you. Here are a few tips to help you with organizing your messy garage.

Sort Your Things

One of the most common reasons for messy garages is the lack of sorting one’s things. From one year to another, more and more stuff are added to what you already have and it becomes harder and harder to see a way out of the mess. But, if you’ll dedicated one day to sort everything out, and then every now and then spend about an hour sorting your things and it will be much easier to do so when you don’t neglect it for years. Give or throw away the thing you no longer need. The things you do need – sort into categories and plan the right storage for it.

Plan Your Garage Storage

Let’s talk about the things you do need – tools, textile and blankets you wish to store during winter, dry foods and beverages you want to store at the garage and more. Sort it into things you use on a daily basis, things you want to store for a week or a month (such as the dry foods), things you want to store for a season and things you want to store for a longer period of time. Then plan the storage accordingly:

  • Tools in daily use – can be placed upon the walls where it is in sight and in reach.
  • Dry foods – place a small closet to use as a pantry.
  • Seasonal storage or longer – plan a big closet (that suits the space of the garage and won’t block it) against the wall. Place the seasonal things in the lower part of the closet and the things you wish to store for a longer period of time in the upper part of it.

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