A lot of homeowners struggle with the choices about the design style they wish to have in their home. A lot of this struggle is related to the colors options and the endless possibilities of colors combinations. Here you will find some information about the design options related the color choices and the meaning of each option. Hopefully, it will make your life easier with suiting the new cabinets to the flooring.

A Completing Design

A completing design is when one color complete the other. For example, if you choose a modern “clean” design, you can use the combination of cold colors and shades, such as blue with light blue. If you want to use warm colors you can consider the combination of yellow with orange. If you want to create a “feminine” design, for example in your dressing room, you can choose the combination of red with pink. If you want to create a more “masculine” design, say for your man cave, you can set a strong bold combination of red and black.

A Contrast Design

A contrast design is just as it implies – choosing two contrast colors and combine it together in the design of one space. The obvious contrast is black and white and also the most common one. But you can choose other contrasts, such as: a warm and cold colors’ combination (for example: orange with green). Other style of a contrast design is a standout design.

A Standout Design

A standout design is a design that emphasizes one element over the others. For example – if you plan an all-white new bathroom, you can choose the element you wish to emphasize and choose a different color for it. Say the counters, the bathtub, or even one door of the cabinets – you set it in black or other color you may like, and that element will standout naturally. 

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