Say you really like wooden made elements for your house, but you wish to create different design styles for each room. Well, the first thing to know is that wood can be adjusted to match any design style. How can it be designed to suit each design style? All the information ahead.

Rustic Wood

When it comes to design styles, the wood was first related to the rustic design, which only make sense, right? But did you know that the wood was also in use in wide scale for the classic design style? We’ll get to that later. In rustic design style, the wood remains the closest to its natural original texture. It isn’t heavily engineered in order to allow it to be rough and so to have a natural appearance. In the rustic design the wooden elements are usually in dark/deep shades.

Classic Wood

As mentioned above, the wood used in the classic design a lot. Sometimes it stimulated stone, but the main reason why it was used in the classic design is due to its character to be designed as pleased. In the classic design style we see a lot of engravings and decorations, which can be easily engraved in wood rather than in stone.

Modern Wood

In modern design, the wood is smoothed and painted with solid colors. The colors can be white, black and gray, which are the most common. But, slowly more and more colors add – blue, orange, green and now it is extremely popular in the contemporary design style. In order to emphasize its smoothness, lacquer is applied on top of the paint, which also grant it varnish.

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