In our years of experience in designing homes, offices and hotels in Las Vegas, we came across requests for bathroom designs in the spirit of our beautiful city. But what does it mean “Las Vegas style cabinets”? And what is so special about bathroom vanities in Las Vegas? Well, let us tell you one thing – it never refers to a single one and only design. On the contrary, it refers to specialand usually glamorous designs – let’s review some of it.

The Las Vegas Luxurious Bathroom Design

This style of designs is the choice of the most expensive and prestigious hotels of the sin city. These designs mostly combine fine characteristics to it, such as expensive products, golden faucets and quartz stone for the bathroom vanities. The dominate colors will be those in fashion, but mostly include white in it.

The Las Vegas Nightclub Bathroom Design

We’ve all been there – the nightclub bathroom. It may not sounds as such a pleasant place, but we’re all know that the best nightclubs in Las Vegas has bathrooms that designed just accordingly to the whole night club design and so it is beautiful and inspire many to the design they choose for their own home’s bathrooms. Those designs usually combine red and black in it, as it symbols passion, desire and youth.

The Las Vegas Stars Bathroom Design

Vegas is a city of entertainment, shows, concerts and etc. and such as one, Vegas is constantly visited by stars from all over the world and some even chose to set their residence within the city. So, when a customer of ours asks for a bathroom design of a star – we know it means multiple lights around a huge mirror, clean solid colors and just glamorous, stunning design.

As we’ve mentioned, Las Vegas designs are various and many, and so in order to create the design that each customer is looking for, we sit down with each client to hear their vision of the design and we adjust every little detail to fit the vision, so it can be similar to what the customer had imagined and even beyond it. In the process, we use our experience and knowledge to make the most of each design we create.

What your Las Vegas bathroom design will look like? Call Best Buy Cabinet at: 1 (702) 660-0610 and we will be more than happy to discover your new bathroom design vision and to turn it into reality for you. Schedule your free estimate appointment today!


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