Modern Kitchens

Modern design is a style on its own that broke off from the TRADITIONAL KITCHEN. The ever changing contemporary style has borrowed many of the elements from the modern design, which makes the two a bit similar. Listed below are the core elements of the modern design and why it remains a great option on kitchen remodeling.

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The modern design broke off from the traditional kitchen by having a simpler, cleaner design. From humble hardware and unadorned interiors, simplicity is the core element that binds the modern design.


Minimalistic design optimizes the space in which each element is installed to provide maximum efficiency to the users of the bathroom. The designs often have layout where storage is maximized and easily accessible.


The materials used in a modern kitchen design can be everything from hardwood, metal, leather, granite, marble, and other strong and durable materials that emphasize the quality of the kitchen over the ornamental design.


Some design elements that broke off from traditional design offer better functionalities. Drawer handles are streamlined in the form of recessed pulls, and cabinets are usually frameless to provide better access and sleeker design.