A lot of homeowners ask us on the first acquaintance which is better – natural wood or natural stone for their home design. “If I want to remodel my house according to the classic design, should I choose natural stone?” or “If I choose the rustic design, should I go with natural wood for the main elements?” and “Say I choose natural wood for my house flooring, which colors I can choose for it?” Well, the answer isn’t black and white, in both meaning. Let’s discuss!

Natural Wood or Stone by the Design Style

If we’re talking about a solid design style – say the rustic design style in its classic form – than yes, the answer will be as simple as – prefer natural wood for the main elements, such as the flooring, the counters, the cabinets and even the walls cladding. But, today we see other forms of the rustic design and it is combined with the classic or modern design styles, as it combines elements from all the styles. And so, it opens three doors – first, it allows you to combine materials which you like. Second, it allows you more options. And third, it allows you to create your own unique style. In the bottom line, it allows you to enjoy all worlds.

The Selection of Colors and Patterns

If we’ll look back about twenty years ago, there was somewhat of limitation for the color choice according to the material – for example, most flooring in black or white were made of a natural stone, while brown flooring was made by natural woods. But today, there’s a huge selection for any material you may choose. And that’s not all, in addition to the colors, you can choose a pattern as well – only if you want to as you can also choose a solid color to the material you choose.

Natural Wood or Stone by the Weather

Let’s talk about flooring or wall cladding by the climate where you live. If you live in a cold weathered place, we advise to prefer natural wood over stone, as wood tends to absorb warmth and hold it within and that will help you to keep your home warmer. If you live in a warm place, prefer natural stone over wood for the opposite reason. Of course that today there are other options, such as heated flooring, so you can choose what you like and that’s our bottom line.

As long as you choose high quality materials, both natural wood and natural stone will use you for years to come. And so, you can choose the materials you prefer.

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