Have you decided to renew your home cabinets for the New Year? Congratulations! This article is for you! Well, the first choice any of us make before buying new cabinets is regarding to its design style, which makes sense of course. But there are more aspects to think about and here you can read our tips for buying new cabinets. Here we go!

Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing kitchen cabinets, we must take into consideration the ability to move freely around the kitchen. Meaning, if we combine lower cabinets it can’t be placed in the logical and convenient pathways of our kitchen. We also need to suit it for our storage needs, for kitchenware and for dry foods that we usually store it the pantry – so we must include it too. We can actually determine how each cabinet will be divided and set, including the pantry, so we can fit in easily everything we need to.

Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom is usually a room that all the family members use and therefore the storage needs are wider. Meaning, planning the whole bathroom, should include a smart usage of the space at hand in order to allow us enough storage space. Once we’ve planned the storage according to our needs, we need to think about its location, as bathrooms are usually smaller than the other rooms and so we must use its space wisely. Then, we can think about design style and colors.

Bedroom Cabinets

In the bedrooms we’ll usually include one closet and a dresser or two (one on each side of the bed). In case that it is the master bedroom and it also includes a private bathroom, we’ll combine cabinets for the bathroom as well, but not as much as for the family bathroom, in which we need that extra space.

Kids’ Room Cabinets

The kids’ room is yet another room in which we’ll need a lot of space. Even if your child is actually a new born, there is so much things to be used and stored, such as: diapers, clothes, baby creams, towels and more. And as the child grow older – the more storage space we need. So, this room must include a lot of storage space, while keeping enough space for the child to enjoy. One example of storage solution for the kid’s room is an under bed storage, that allows us to save space.

Outside Storage Cabinets/Backyard Storage Cabinets

The two most common concerns about an outside storage are security and preservation. Security, means storage that can be secured with locks to make sure that it will be as safe as possible from burglaries and thefts. Preservation, addresses the weather aspect as the storage ought to be waterproofed and durable to extreme heat, so no damage will be caused to our things because of an extreme weather.

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