Looking for new ideas to refresh the office? Wish to come up with a new display for your shop? On this article we will try to inspire you with new ideas for office remodeling and not only offices, but industrial remodeling projects in general, to inspire your employees, customers, visitors and business partners. Let’s begin.


The reception area is the first thing people see when they arrive at your office – and that means your employees, your customers, visitors, and business partners. So naturally, it will be the first thing they will learn about your business. Is it organized? Is it welcoming? Is it smartly managed? And you can set the tone by designing it to suit and present your business’s vibe. A deserted or a lousy reception desk might give people the wrong impression about you and your business before they even met you. So make sure they will get the right impression by a beautiful suited design for your business reception area.

Walls and Flooring

Decoration your office’s walls with the style you wish to represent your business. Be it sophisticated, warm, elegant or luxurious. You can set the style of your business as you also adjust the look of the office to suit it. It will also allow you to emphasize your business branding. The same goes for the flooring. The idea is to make everyone that steps in your offices to feel as they were surrounded by your business vibe.

Office Furniture

Custom made furniture will allow you maximum efficiency. Meaning, custom made desks, cabinets and such to be perfectly suited for their purpose at your office. That will allow you to grant your employees with the best conditions to do their jobs!


The restrooms say a lot about your office, and many business owners won’t admit it but it is true. So true. Sometimes we fail to invest in the restrooms because we feel is has nothing to do with the business style. But it does. So much. See, the restrooms is our basic measure for humanity. Of each and one of us as a human being. It tells us how you treat your employees and how you treat people in general. We know it may sound extreme, but we all do that in our minds – get perspective about a certain place we visit by the condition in the restrooms – so make sure all of your visitors will enjoy a nice, clean and human experience at your office’s restrooms.

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