The winter is here and shouldn’t you already prepared your backyard for it – it isn’t too late to do so. Allow us to suggest several heating solutions options that will allow you to enjoy your backyard during the cold seasons as well as the summer days. You can choose between permanent or temporary solutions, electric or old-school heating solutions. Let’s begin.

Close a Part of the Backyard

Should you have a balcony at your backyard or even at the front of your house, you can close it temporarily for the winter. By closing it you will be less exposed to the cold outside and you will be able to heat it easily. You can also set a part of your backyard which you close. You can place a pergola and easily enclose it with burlap.

Backyard Fire Pit

When it comes to outdoors heating solutions you have to think what you want – a permanent solution or maybe a temporary one, which you can store for the summer.

  • Permanent solutions – fire pit is both beautiful and effectively heating. It has a great decorative value, and you can choose whether you want an electric fire pit, or an old-school stone fire pit in which you burn woods.
  • Temporary solutions – outdoors patio heaters are great for staying warm at your backyard even when it is cold. The patios heaters are extensively used in outdoors restaurants and even waiting areas. You can choose between an electric patio heather and those which run on gas.

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