Wooden element can be painted with any color and any shade, bold or bright, glossy or matte. But, it has to be planned with an understanding of the colors you choose, should you wish to grant your home a certain vibe. On this article you’ll find the basic information about colors in interior design that will allow you to better understand how to choose the colors for your home.

Warm Colors

The main warm colors are: yellow, orange and red. Every shade in between is also considered as a warm color. Warm colors creates a warm welcoming atmosphere, which is pretty common in cold-weather states.

Cold Colors

Cold colors are suited for people who wish to relax as much as possible in their home. A cold design is also considered as a calmer design that allows you to calm down after a long day much easier. It will also allow you to create a clean and quiet interior design.

Clean Colors

There’s no such thing as “clean” colors. But, if you wish to create a “clean” design you should avoid mixing too many colors in one space at your house. Combining too many colors will create a messy appearance.

Glossy or Matte

If you wish to create a “quiet” interior design, you should choose matte shade of the colors you’ve choose for your house. If you want a “load” design, you should choose glossy shades for your interior design.

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