So, you’ve already done with all the preliminary stages for your new cabinets’ project, including choosing the carpenter\company for your project, the new cabinets, the colors, the designing and everything needed for your project. You’ve set the schedule for the project and now you’re only waiting for the day to arrive. Here’s what about to happen in most cases of replacing the cabinets and what you’ve may include or add to your project before it starts.

Cabinet’s Demolition

Let’s talk about the kitchen’s cabinets, but basically this goes the same for the bathroom cabinets as well. The demolition of the cabinets is pretty easy and can be done relatively quickly. Usually the demolition includes the removal of the counters as well – in such cases the projects includes replacing the countertops as the stone will brake during its demolition. If you don’t want to replace the countertops, you need to consult with the professional you’ve chose, to decide if it can be done and if they recommend it. The demolition will also include the removal of the sinks and faucets, but those can be reinstalled in most cases – should that is something you want. Most homeowners who choose to replace the cabinets and the countertops will also choose new sinks and faucets as well. At the end of the demolition the flooring underneath the old cabinets will become expose – some may include removing the flooring and installing new flooring, but that is not a must.


After removing everything needed to be removed for your project, it is time to clean the area, preparing it for the installation. The old cabinets and everything you’ve chose to replace with it will be taken outside, and the professional will clean the entire area quickly and efficiently.

Installation the New Cabinets

Now it is time to install your new cabinets! First goes the lower cabinets and on top of it a layer of wood to hold the counters steady, then the countertops to go on it and the skin with it. Then the upper cabinets are installed should you have an upper layer planned. Then the backsplashes will be installed. Than the faucets installed as well. There is a relation between the different elements of the cabinets and therefore, there is a smart logic order of action for the demolition and the installing of new cabinets.

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