Tired of your old bathroom’s design? Same old tiles, same old fading colors, broken cabinets and poor light? It can be refreshed with new styling and decorations! Now, most homeowners think: “how can I decorate my bathroom on a budget”, but rest assure it can be done. Actually, your budget limits can allow you to focus on the things you really want to redesign, and it will guide you to make the best choices for your needs and wishes. So, here are some styling ideas for a new bathroom.

Space and Storage

The first thing you need to do is to think about the space you have and the space you need. Sometimes the space in hand doesn’t answers the storage needs, which may turn things into chaos. And when all your things are piled up in disorder, it also turn the space to be overloaded and too crowded to be at. Once you’ll solve the storage problem, it will allow the room to be more specious, open and comfortable to stay at. If you need an extra space you can consider installing new shelves, high enough to utilize the upper side of the room available for your storage needs. You can also order custom made cabinets to suit the space at hand to your storage needs – should you have the budget for it.


The amount of light in a room also determines the sense of the room’s size. Meaning, a lot of light creates the sense of a bigger and specious room, while a dim light creates the sense of a smaller room. Of course that say you want to create a romantic and calming atmosphere in your bathroom, you can consider to install a low volume of light and even place a dark curtains on the bathroom’s windows.

Bathroom Styling

You can always renew your bathroom’s styling even by using a low budget. Styling is not remodeling the room, which can cost much more, but it is actually “dressing” the room with a new outfit. You can buy new curtains, new set of towels, new bath mat, etc., and use it all to create a new look for your new bathroom. Matching each element to the overall look you wish to create, will allow you to do so.

Bathroom Remodeling

Should you have the budget and the will, you can consider having a remodeling project of your bathroom. In such project, you can replace anything you want to in the bathroom and create a new design in any style you like – and our remodeling experts can help you with that. Call us at: 702-660-0610, get your free estimate meeting and consult with our professionals with no obligations.

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