This time we’ll talk about the classic design style – where did it come from, when was it first used, what is its nature, its appearance properties, most common colors used on this design style, and – what the top features of the classic design are? Let’s begin.

The Classic Design Origin

The classic design style was first used in castles and palaces for the enjoyment of the royal class. Soon enough it became a status symbol – the more ornamenting the better, combining stone sculptures – the bigger the better to represent not only the power of its owner but also a symbol of immortality, and also wooden decorations. It is one of the most ancient design style, but it was related to one social class – the highest class – royalty. What’s interesting is that the classic design style mainly characterized by things that got nothing with practicality but only to the appearance of things. And this is the first feature of the classic design – it meant to be beautiful and boastful and not practical.

The Classic Design Appearance

So, what will a classic designed kitchen will look like? What about the bathroom? Well, first the cabinets – will be engraved with beautiful ornamentals and there will probably be crown mold on the higher end of the cabinets – royalty or not, right? The bathroom will be made all with stones – natural stones that will cover everything – the floor, the walls, even the bathtub will be built with the stones, rather than buying bathtub. Big decorated pillars will be placed around the bathtub as it was a canopy bed in ancient Greece. The bathtub will be placed right at the middle of the room without taking the space at hand into calculation – why? Because as this design style was mainly used in palaces and castles – interior space never been an issue.

The Classic Design Colors

There’s not a lot to say here – the most common colors we will see in classic designs are black and white and when we say white, we mean more off-white and cream. Nowadays, every homeowner can do as their pleased and combine any colors they prefer, but the original classic design, was in solid black or stained shades of white.

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