Last but not least on our “top features of the ____ design” articles – the contemporary design! And so, on this article we’ll discuss the most recent design style – what was the inspiration of this design style, what did it recommenced in interior designs and – what the top features of the contemporary design are? Let’s begin.

The Contemporary Design Origin

The contemporary design style is born of the modern design style. In more than one way, this newest design style takes the features of the modern design style one step forward (we’ll get to that later on). It is in its very beginning, making its first steps and still being shaped, but the direction is pretty clear – daring, colourful and out-of-the-box thinking.

The Contemporary Design Appearance

Well, if the modern design style characterized with right angles in order to create practical organization and usage of the space at hand – the contemporary design style characterized with non-right angles to do just the same. For example – say you need to store anything that its shape isn’t square – you will “lose” space because of its non-right angles, but when you design the storage space to suit exactly that object – you’re not only use the space at hand, but you use it perfectly. That’s why we see more wine bottles custom-made space in many contemporary kitchens. But, the use of non-right angles is not only for practicality proposes, but also decorative – as you can create beautiful unique and dynamic angles in your new living room design.

The Contemporary Design Colors

As the contemporary design was derived from the modern, its colors are also bright, shiny and vibrant. And the contemporary takes it one step ahead as we can see bolder color choices, such as red kitchen’s cabinets, green textile for the bathrooms and bedrooms and more. In some why, this new and young design style represent this generation – as unique, bold, dynamic and pretty much restless.

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