It is time to go modern! That’s right – on this article we’ll discuss the origin of the modern design style – where did it came from, what are its main qualities and way, what the most common colors in this design and – what the top features of the modern design are? Let’s begin.

The Modern Design Origin

Modern design is the design style of the modern age, makes sense, right? But, let’s put things into order please – while the modern age started somewhere in the 15th century, the modern design (and also the industrial design) came to be somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. Now, though it came to be many years after the industrial revolution, the modern design has also strived to make things more practical, more easy to use. Therefore, its first feature is that the modern design is minimalistic, uses the space at hand to the best, while offering practicality.

The Modern Design Appearance

Be it a practical and minimalistic design, the modern design style is smooth, with right angles, and uses all the space at hand. When we look on a modern kitchen, we will usually see smoothened cabinet’s doors that allows a lot of storage space, long and comfortable counters’ surface to work on and no useless decorations. Therefore, the modern design style is considered as a bit “cold” and high-tech-like, “computerized” design. In addition, because of the fact that the modern design is practical, it will also be the easiest to clean in comparison with the other design styles.

The Modern Design Colors

Here it is very similar to the classic design only that is it different. Confused? Don’t be! What we mean is that the most common colors used in the design style are also black and white, only that here, we’re talking about solid black and solid white – and bright! In the classic design style we’ll see the use of matte shades, and in the modern, we’ll see the shiny shades.

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