On this article we’ll talk about the rustic design style – where did it come from, when was it first used, what is its nature, its appearance properties, most common colors used on this design style, and – what the top features of the rustic design are? Let’s begin.

The Rustic Design Origin

The origin of the rustic design is very interesting because it was developed in time from nature itself. Ever since mankind started building wooden cabins, the rustic design was born. Therefore, it is the closest to nature as can be – it is a warm design, spiritual and practical. Meaning, the rustic design is on one hand designed to answer the homeowner needs but it also designed to create a spiritual and warm atmosphere within the house. And so, the first feature of the rustic design is warm and welcoming feeling that you get as soon as you walk in through the doors.

The Rustic Design Appearance

What is so special about the rustic design appearance, is that it is kind of imitating nature itself – as much as can be done. The wood used in old rustic designed wasn’t smoothened or polished but used almost as is, except of cleaning it. It is “the people’s” design style as it was born from the common people who wasn’t rich or of a royalty class, but daily working people. Therefore, it is not variegated, but rather simple yet still magical as it creates a warm atmosphere for the family lives in that house.

The Rustic Design Colors

As you’ve might guessed, the rustic design most common colors are all shades of brown. And you’re absolutely right. It’s only make sense right? The main material used in the rustic design style is raw wood and those colors are remained the most common in rustic design. Nowadays, there are some substitute materials to imitate wood, but it seems that the brownish shades still on top for this like-nature design style.

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