What to Consider about the Cabinets When Designing an Accessible Home?

Our home is the place where we should feel safe and where we should feel that we belong. Part of those feelings are based on other people who live with us at the house, be it our family, friends or roommates, but, a big part of those feelings also based upon the house itself and the way it is built, designed and other interior features. When it comes to people who has disabilities, it is essential that the house will be one that was designed and adapted for their needs, so they can feel safe and have a level of independency at the place where they live. Here are few important things to take under consideration regarding the cabinets, when designing an accessible home (be it a new home or a remodeling project).

Cabinets Location &Height

When we wish to design an accessible home for someone who uses wheelchair, we must take into consideration the height of the new cabinets and the location we will install it – it can’t be placed too high, where the user can’t reach it and it can’t block the obvious paths inside the house. When the resident of the house suffers from a walking disability or difficulty but doesn’t uses wheelchair, we need to place the cabinets on the floor, where it can also be uses as a stable element to be aided by (lean on it or hold it), and it can also be installed upon the wall, only not too high where the user have to struggle to reach it.


In addition to the mentioned above, whether planning an accessible bathroom or an accessible kitchen, the cabinets can’t be placed underneath elements that the user need a free access too while using the wheelchair, such the sink or light switches. It is also important to think about other parts too, such as the faucet: consider placing it to the side of the sink where it’s much easier to reach.

Those are just few of the things to consider when designing an accessible home, and there’s much more to take into consideration. For example, as a carpentry company, we also know how important it is to choose a smooth and stable flooring for accessible house, so even if we install wooden floor, it has to be of the strongest material and very smooth with no bumps, rough finishing or anything like it.

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