Ever wonder why the rustic design usually involved wood elements in it? You’ve come to the right place. On this article we will discuss about the rustic design and why the use of wood is naturally tied with it. Where did it start from? What does it symbolize? And how does it look today. Let’s begin.

The Log Cabin and Rustic Design

The log cabins were made of wood logs. Those are relatively simply structures that were built with simple tools. The log cabin is also known as rustic houses, and from here is the relations between the rustic design and the use of wooden elements. In North America, most log cabins were built by the European settlers and usually in the frontiers. The log cabin also had a special symbolism in the American Presidency context.

The Symbolism of the Log Cabin

In the early 19th century, the log cabin was a symbol of a humble origins. Many US politics candidates used the fact that they were born or raised in a cabin log to show that they rose from the rags to riches. Actually, at least seven presidents of the US were born in a log cabin, including Abraham Lincoln. And so, until today, the log cabin is a symbol to modesty and simplicity.

Today’s Log Cabin and Rustic Design

Today, the log cabins are more rare but still in use especially in extremely cold-weathered places. But the rustic design style is in use everywhere, as people wish to grant their houses that warm touch and welcoming vibe as it related with simplicity. Nowadays, we see more combinations of the rustic design style with modern styling elements that upgrades the simple design and elevate it. And so, today you can find beautiful luxurious rustic designs, which is a distant interpretation of the log cabin.

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