Lately we’ve been recommending to you to self-renovate old wood furniture, here on our blog and on the social media channels. Why is that? Because there is so much magic in investing your time, creativity and effort in something that considered to be old and unworthy. Think about it, it is like you grant it a new life all over again and by your own hands! And so, in order to encourage you a little further to not be too quick to give up on something old, here’s a few more reasons to renew old furniture.

A Burst of Creativity

When you take the time to design an old furniture by your hands, you allow freedom to your creativity, which will boost it. Creativity to creative people is like second nature – the more you’ll feed it the more it will grow, and practicing creativity is indeed feeding it. Further than that, if you look at an old dusty and crumbling wooden furniture and you’re able to vision its new beauty if you only invest in it, it already means you are a very creative person. Allow yourself to enjoy it. And even if you don’t think you are creative, give yourself a chance, you might be surprised.

Your Own Taste, Your Own Design

Renewing an old furniture by yourself also means you can grant it your own special style, which is probably the most unique of a design you can get. A little personal touch, an untraditional thinking and simply a taste of your own, can make all the difference. Besides, think how proud you’ll be of a furniture you brought back to life.

The Sense of Accomplishment

Once the old furniture will be restored to its glory days, you will become the person responsible for that achievement. The renewed furniture will become a testimony of your creativity, determination and even modesty. It will say that you see more value in something old that carry your personal touch than something new. Now forget all the wonder and sense of accomplishment it will grant you and think how much nature itself will be grateful to you.

Your Own Gift to Nature

Sure, it is fun to buy new furniture, we’ll be the first to admit it. And we’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy it. But, if every one of us would renew one or two old furniture and use it instead of buying new ones, it will be meaningful for nature. Say you have an old family dinner table on which you shared so many happy memories with your family, you can renew it and still enjoy many happy moments to come upon it. So, go ahead, give it a try, and don’t forget to enjoy the process!


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