Wood has been a crucial material for residence purposes all along our history. As a material that can be cut and designed according to our needs, it is no surprise that it is so common among the building industry. The way people use wood has developed as the modern society has developed itself. Today, wood products use for any type of design style, only in a different way, as each design has its own characteristics. Let’s talk about the classic design and how wood allow us to create a beautiful home classic interior design.

Multiple Decorations

The classic design features in a lot of decorations and creative ornaments. Due to the ability to engrave the wood, it is easy to grant it a lot of decorations. Along the history we can see it a lot in palaces, where the stairs’ handrails were decorated beautifully, as well as the cabinets, walls and even the flooring. Of course that palaces never had trouble with the space it takes to allow all those decorations.

What Spaces Suit for Classic Design?

Wood decorations take space that sometimes needed for the comfort of those live in the house. Meaning, that classic design usually suit for wide and large spaces. But, it doesn’t mean that if you have a relative small house, you should automatically choose a different style. An experienced professional can plan a classic design that won’t “waste” too much of the space at hand and allow you to enjoy the design style you love.

Wood Elements in Each Room

The wood mostly uses for the cabinets, as most cabinets are made of wood. In classic designed kitchens we’ll see beautiful cabinets’ doors, elegantly decorated with engravings and curving. We can also see decorative crown molding on the joint between the ceilings with the kitchens’ walls. In the bathroom we’ll also see decorated cabinets. In the bedroom we can see crown molding that matches a decorated bed and a wooden flooring – all match in color to create a beautiful design. In the living room some homeowners combine a decorated fireplace – but due to its function it will be stone-made. The decorations around it can be made of wood elements. At the backyard, wood uses for flooring, decks, tables, chairs and even decorative pathways, all inspired by the classic styling.

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