When thinking about interior design, wood would probably first be associated with the rustic designing styles. But it doesn’t mean that it is not used in other styles as well. Wood elements play a huge rule in each and every designing style, unless the homeowner really don’t want it to. And this time we’ll talk about wood elements in modern design – how, what, why and where? Let’s start.

What are the Main Characteristics of the Modern Design?

Before we see how wood takes its place in the modern design, we need to understand what the basics of this designing style are. The common for all modern design styles is functionality, straight lines and smooth finish. Of course that there are many more characteristics but those are the main ones. No let’s see how wood is used to achieve it.


In modern designed spaces, we usually witness symmetry and minimalism from the first moment we walk into the room. Using wood, allows us to create exactly the right length of each and every line in the space designated for renovation. It can also be smoothed perfectly to create sharp and smooth surfaces for the cabinets, walls, flooring, etc. Upon the smoothed surface we use modern related colors, such as: fine white, black and gray. The coloring can be glossy or mat, and sometimes we see bolder choices for the colors, such as red cabinets for the kitchen or blue cabinets for the bathroom.


Due to the ability to cut wood exactly as we want to, using wood also allows us to fully utilize each and every corner in the space at hand. We can design and build the sizes of the storage spaces we need, as we create a space that feels “open” and non-packed with details. The idea behind modern design is to get a beautiful space, clean and without too many decorations and elements, and most importantly, an optimal space to our needs.

Modern Cabinets in Las Vegas

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