Hello friends! And welcome to our “wood up” article series, where the professionals of Best Buy Cabinets offer their ideas for wood design and decorations around your house. And this time we got ideas for your kids’ room – ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to wood up!

Storage Cabinets for the Kids Room

The first thing that every parent needs in their kids’ room is enough space to store all the things that rising a child requires, including: diapers, clothing, blankets, bed ware, etc. And so, wood can use us for a diapers’ dresser, an underwear dresser or a closet to store all the clothes and the bed ware. Sometimes the closet is enough only for the clothes and thus the bed ware storage takes place in another closet, that usually placed in another room of the house or even in the corridor. The closets and dressers can be designed according to the users’ needs and their preferred design style and color.


There’s a certain age when every kid needs a desk, upon which they can read, do their homework or just paint and express their creativity. The desk should be designed according to the kid’s needs as well as height. It can also be matched to the entire kids’ rooms design style.

Kids Room Flooring and Walls

Kids love to spend a lot of time playing when seated on the floor and wood flooring is much softer and comfort then stone flooring. Additionally, the floor usually ought to be cleaned more often when you have children and cleaning a wooden floor is easier and quicker then stone flooring. On top of that, of course that also the flooring can be matched to the kid’s room design, so you can choose its color and style.

Kids love to paint on the walls – don’t we all know that? Placing a wood wall to cover the room’s walls will allow you to enjoy a beautiful decoration and to protect the walls. Wooden walls will also create a cozy and comfort environment for your child to enjoy.

Custom Designed Kids Beds

Design your kid’s room according to their fabulous imagination! You can have a custom designed kids’ bed in the shape of a fire fighters’ truck, a pirates’ ship or even an old fashion carriage! You can also have a bunk bed or teenaged bed designed according to the design style of the entire kids’ room.

Kids Room Design Style

Should you want it to, the wood can set the tone of the entire kids’ room design. The great thing about wood is that wood-made elements can be custom designed in many different ways and styles – all you got to do is choose yours.

Want to design your kids’ room in Las Vegas? The experts of Best Buy Cabinets can help! Call us at: 702-660-0610 and get a free estimate for your kids’ room remodeling project!

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