When it comes to designing, wood elements are used in so many ways. It can be for an essential, such as the flooring or beds and it can also be for décor uses, such as picture frames or a wooden crown mold. Its versatility allows wood to use in all styles of design, whether industrial or residential. This time we’re about to focus on the bathroom – once again, it’s time to wood up!

Wooden Bathroom

A wooden bathroom is one that almost all of it made of wood or decorated with wood. Meaning, the floor is made of wood, the walls and ceiling are coated with wood paneling and the cabinets are also made of wood, obviously. And that’s not all – wooden decorations and furniture can also be combined in a wooden bathroom, such as a chair, a stool and a dresser made of wood. The bathroom can also be decorated with crown mold between the ceiling and the walls and it can also be fitted for the bottom of the walls where it meets the floor.

This kind of bathroom will remind you the appearance of a calming spa, and will allow you to enjoy a similar calming atmosphere. The wooden bathroom is a kind of a modern style that actually sound similar to the rustic design, yet they are different.

A Rustic Bathroom Design

As mentioned, wood elements use in all types of design styles. So, the first style that usually related with wood is the rustic design. The rustic designed bathroom will allow you to enjoy a country like bathroom or a cabin inspired design. It also create a warm environment and coziness, so if you wish to enjoy such environment you should consider the rustic design style.

The different between the rustic bathroom and the wooden one, is that the rustic combines the use of wood with rough finishing, so it will appear as natural as possible, and also old looking wood that will create a genuine design of wood in the nature. The wooden one is more inspired by the modern design style, due to the use of clean, smooth processed wood. But in both the color would probably be of a natural shade of brown, which is the natural color of wood.

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