Wood elements can turn a beautiful design into a unique and special one. It can create warm environment and it also can create a sophisticated vibe to a room. It may sound banal, but it can truly be everything you want it to be. We’ve already discussed in previous articles the idea of combining wood in different design styles and the way to suit it for the style you wish to create. This time, we want to talk about wooden flooring and its benefits. You got it – it’s time to wood up!

What’s Your Style?

The first option of choosing a wooden flooring is according to your home remodeling project’s design style. If you chose a different style for each room – no worries! You can choose a different styled wood floor for each room to go perfectly with its design. Bright colors can go great with classic style, gray shades can go with modern designing and natural wood colors will complete rustic design lines. Of course, those are only examples and you can choose from so many other colors and shades of wood flooring.

Additionally, the floor finishing can also be suited with the design style. For example: choose a rough finishing flooring for rustic design or choose a smooth flooring for modern designing. You can also mix it in order to “break” the main design line by creating a contrast.

Better Deals with Extreme Weather

Did you know that wood flooring deals better with extreme weather conditions? How so? It tends to absorb much less of the heat or cold of the environment around it. Meaning, where the climate is very hot a wooden floor will be less heated and more comfortable to walk or sit on, and vice versa – if you live in a place where the climate is extremely cold, a wooden floor will offer a warmer surface in compare with stone flooring.

Not Only Its Temperature is Nicer

Indeed not only the temperature of the wooden floor is nicer than stone, but also its stiffness. Stone floor is much more solid than wood. Meaning, it is much harder to sit on it. So, if you have toddlers who’s in their crawling and learning to walk stages (when they fall often), it will be much softer as a surface for them, yet still firm enough to allow them stability. Should you have pets too, who likes to lie on the floor, it will be comfortable for them too.

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