Planning a home remodeling in Las Vegas? We can help! We specializes in wood flooring, cabinetry, decorations and more! Here are few design ideas using wooden products all across your house to turn it beautiful. You guessed right – it’s time to wood up!

New Designed Kitchen

There are many uses for wood at the kitchen – for example, you can choose maple wood cabinets, wooden flooring – and it can be in any color you want it. Meaning, you can match the color of the wood to the preferred design style – such as: brownish colors for rustic design or white colors for modern design. The wood can also use as decorations at your new kitchen – it can decorate the ceiling or just its corners, by including beautiful designed wooded crown molding.

Wood at the Bathroom

Same as at the kitchen, the wood can use us at the bathroom for several things – cabinets for towels and bathing products, wooden floor, and actually now it’s starting to be common to add wooden walls at the bathroom, so, should you wish to create relaxing environment you should consider it too(similar to spa’s atmosphere). Additionally, you can match the wood color of the windows’ frames with the flooring, to create a solid design line (same at the kitchen and actually all across the house).

Master Bedroom, Bedrooms and the Kids’ Room

First, as part of home remodeling you can have beautiful designed wooden closets for each room (each to be designed according to the room’s designing). That will allow you the storage space and capacity you need for all the clothing, bedding, towels, toys, etc. so there’s that. Additionally, you can choose deck wooden flooring for each room (you can match the flooring all across the house or choose different style for each room). You can also design wooden bed for the master bedroom or specially designed wooden kid’s bed.

Wood Flooring and Storage Solutions at the Backyard

You can beautifully design your backyard by combining wooden deck around the pool or as flooring. Additionally, at the backyard wooden cabinets can answer all your storage needs! Read more about our ideas for using wood in your new backyard here.

If you wish to have a home remodeling in Las Vegas and looking for a professional and experienced local company, you’re more than welcome to call us, tell us about your desired remodeling project, consult with our designer with no obligations, and get a free estimate! Call us at Best Buy Cabinets: 702-660-0610 and our experts will be at your service!



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