Whether you like rustic design style, modern or classic, if you love wooden made designs, this series of articles is for you. Along these articles we try to give you options of wood products you can combine in your home designing as well as give you some ideas of how it can be done. In this article we’ll discuss about designing a new kitchen and so, we’ll give you some ideas that we hope will inspire you for your remodeling project. It’s time to wood up!

New Cabinets for the New Kitchen

When remodeling the kitchen there’s a lot of things to consider – the design style you want to create, the countertops’ material and color, the cabinets to go with it, the floor, the sink’s material and whether you want it as an Undermount sink or as a Topmount one, the faucet, the walls’ color, etc. When it comes to the cabinets, most people chooses wooden cabinets as it’s the best option – but, the design options are still many and varied.

Let’s see some examples: first, if you wish to create a rustic design in your kitchen, the new cabinets can be of a natural color (which can be of light or dark shade), to emphasize the authenticity of the wood, with a rough nature-like finishing. If you wish to create a modern designed kitchen, the cabinets will probably be with smooth and flat finishing, while the color can be any that you like (the main colors usually used in modern kitchens are black, white and gray, but say you’ll choose green or red cabinets, it still can be as part of a modern styled kitchen). If you wish to create a classic designed kitchen, the cabinets design will probably include decoration to it, as common in this design style, while the color will probably be some shade of an off-white or cream.

Wood Floor in the Kitchen

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you can choose stone floor or wood floor. Should you choose wood, it can also be according to the main design style you’ve chose for your new kitchen. Similar to the cabinets, when you choose rustic design, the floor will have rough finishing to match the styling and will be smooth when it comes to modern design. If you’ve chose a classic design, most chances are that you won’t go with wooden flooring, but may consider wood crown molding with decorations similar to the cabinets.

Wood Walls and Backsplash

Say you wish to create a country-like rustic design and want the whole kitchen to be decorated with wood, you can choose to install wood all over the kitchen’s walls and even the ceiling. If you want a rustic design or a modern design that combined with rustic, you can design the backsplashes to be made of wood.

At the bottom line, the options available for you are truly too many to count or describe in one article. As we do hope those ideas helped you with imagining your new kitchen, we also invite you to consult with our experts and get a free estimate for your remodeling project in Las Vegas. Interested? Call Best Buy Cabinets at: 702-660-0610

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